Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Frighteningly Simple

I worry about the silliest things. While I worry, other people come up with brilliant solutions.
Every October, I make a few caramel apples. I have watched people delight in the creamy, sweet caramel. It is almost always the same. When eating a caramel apple, one eats around the perimeter of the apple, savoring all of the caramel coating, only to be left with big orb of disapointment. There is always much more apple than caramel. To make matters worse, the apple has usally turned brown and mushy on the inside.
This year will be different! I have found instructions for making mini caramel apples. I cannot wait to serve these tiny balls of caramel-coated Halloween fun.
They are very simple to make. A melon-baller is used to cut out little round pieces of apple. The rest of the recipe is not unlike traditional caramel apples. Coatings such as crushed candy, dried fruits, nuts and pretzels can be added. I also plan to dip some in chocolate, white chocolate, and melted peanut-butter chips.


Donis Casey said...

what a fabulous idea!

Dana Fredsti said...

ooh, I like this!!!!

Gayle said...

Cool! This treat can even be enjoyed by kids who wear braces...and their moms! ;-)