Friday, October 30, 2009

Cake Walk

So here's the cake I made today for the cake walk at our church's Fall Festival tomorrow. As you can tell, I didn't have a lot of time to do anything fancy, but I decided this one is for the children. It is definitely not for the diabetic! I ate a couple of those Peeps, and I'm walking around like Wile E. Coyote after he ingested earthquake pills. I can't imagine what effect they'd have on people with insulin problems. Instant coma?

Also, I didn't want to make the cake scary looking. I mean, I'm taking it to church, right? However, you might notice a couple of those pumpkin Peeps seem to have head injuries. Okay, I know, they're just heads, but you know what I mean. They also look a little weird, in general. Aren't pumpkins supposed to be round on top? These appear to be almost heart-shaped. It makes me wonder if the Peeps people simply got lazy and used the Valentine's Day mold to make their pumpkins.

Another scary aspect of the cake? The Peep cats are as big as the ghosts. They remind me of a short story I read in elementary school years ago (which no one else has ever heard of). The story was called "Wait 'Til Martin Comes." This man goes into a haunted house on Halloween and all these black cats come in one at a time, each one bigger than the one before it. The first cat always asks, "Shall we do it now?" The others tell him, "No. Wait 'til Martin comes." When the cat the size of a cow comes in, the man jumps up, yells, "Tell Martin I couldn't wait!" and flees the house. For some reason, I found this story hilarious and have remembered it ever since.

Another story I never forgot from either elementary school or high school was "The Scarlet Ibis." This one wasn't funny but was about the relationship between a boy and his mentally challenged brother. It was so sad. I remember trying to hide behind my text book as I couldn't keep the tears from falling.

Do any of you have really obscure stories you've read and never forgotten?


Marian Allen said...

OMG--I totally remember both those stories! I had the same reactions, too. Thanks for the memories--and the pic of really scary Peeps. *grin*

Gayle said...

Wow! I'm so glad someone else has read these stories! You've made my day.

Lisa Hall said...

I remember this short story in high school called "Lamb to the Slaughter" or something like that. It was about this pregnant woman who knew her husband was going to leave her. She kills her husband by whacking him with a leg of lamb. When the police come to investigate, she serves them dinner...the main course being a leg of lamb.