Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple Bobbing in the Age of Swine Flu

Later this morning, I will be taking my youngest daughter to get a flu shot. Next week, the rest of the family will be getting their shots. Thus, I have flu on the brain. Just hope I can keep it out of my house!

I am not much of a germ phobe, but apple bobbing has always seemed like a bit of a microbe swap-fest to me. In this season of swine flu fears, I doubt many will be sticking their heads into big wash tubs where others have gone before them. For those who want a neater way to bob, this video shows a clever way to do apple bobbing without sharing germs or getting wet.

Here is a recipe for Apple Bobbing Punch:

Hope al off the Fatal Foodies are having a bountiful, flu-free autumn!

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