Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cupcakes and Little Princesses

Last weekend I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my brother and his family. While there, my girls and I had the pleasure of attending my neice's birthday party. It was at the cutest little place called La Tea Dolly.

Little girls came dressed in their finest and were treated like absolute princesses in this posh pink-festoooned shop. The girls got to decorate their own tiaras, have their nails polished, get sparkly make-up and put on a fashion show.

One of the most fun parts was that the girls brought their favorite doll or stuffed animal. The special toy got to sit beside them in a special high chair when tea was served. Tea time consisted of finger sandwiches, lemonade, cookies, cheese, fruit and mini cupcakes. It was all just delightful and too cute!

At the end of the night, each girl went home with a treat bag and wonderful memories. The birthday girl received her own special storybook that was tailored just for her, using her own name and hometown.


Gayle said...

What fun!

Dana Fredsti said...

Lisa, there's a similar type of place in San Francisco that has a special 'children's cottage' in the back of the main tea house, complete with costumes, tiaras, fairy wings... I wanna be a kid!