Friday, September 25, 2009

Cake Wrecks and the Swedish Chef

What do the above have in common? Probably nothing, other than I'm writing about both; but I think I might find a way to tie them together.

First off, I got news from Amazon today that my pre-ordered Cake Wrecks book will be shipping October 1. So, that's cool. Maybe my very own cake wreck will be included in Book Two. Deb Smith sent in the cover for Murder Takes the Cake as well as the cover done by one of the large-print publishers who has commissioned it. Check out the differences for yourself at:

Personally, I'm just thrilled to have a book available in hardcover. But I think Bell Bridge's publishers were a little taken aback at the new cover. Said Deb, "Good grief. A . . . dead cake face? Bad Halloween cake? LOL Looks pretty grim considering the book's a cozy."

But, on to the Swedish Chef. How many of you remember The Muppet Show? I recently introduced my children to the Swedish Chef via YouTube, so imagine my delight when I found that Hallmark has a new Swedish Chef ornament available with sound!
So, now, to tie the two together:


Chris V. said...

haa! that new cover certainly is an odd choice for a murder mystery. Wow, you couldn't hope for better publicity if your cover got in that book! Did it get posted on the Cake Wrecks blog? (love that site~!) I think your original cover was gorgeous!

Gayle said...

Thank you, Chris. Deb submitted the covers to Cake Wrecks, so we're hoping it makes it onto the blog. That blog is super popular!