Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Colonel Needs You!

This past weekend, I visited some of my family in Kentucky.It is the state where I was born, my parents were raised and most of my family still lives.
The state has produced many famous people. Rosemary Clooney, Mohammed Ali, model/actress Molly Sims, Loretta Lynn and Diane Sawyer are all from Kentucky. Perhaps none are any more famous or iconic than Colonel Sanders.
Kentucky Fried Chicken came from humble beginning, when Colonel Sanders began making chicken in a Corbin, Kentucky gas station during the Great Depression. The restaurant has become a part of Americana. Who hasn't picked up a bucket of KFC on the way to a picnic or tailgate?
Now, there is a movement to put the Colonel's face on a postage stamp, but your signature is needed. Find the petition and lots of KFC information on this site:

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Anonymous said...

The colonel is an American icon. If Homer Simpson can be on a US postage stamp, then darn it all, so shall the colonel.

Stephen Tremp