Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chili Cheese Fries, Goldfish, Cotton Candy and a Rainstorm

The Appalachian Fair is in town this week. As you can see, Calli had a blast. The crowning moment occurred when my husband won a goldfish. He spent $5 to win a 25 cent fish, but you should have seen the pride Calli had as she walked around holding that plastic bag that held her new critter. It was a "Look what my daddy did for me!" moment.
The Appalachian Fair has everything one would expect from a fair; carnival rides, game booths, beauty pageants, livestock and farm produce on display, and of course, lots of food.
Several of the booths are run by local civic organizations. My family got our dinner from one of these stands. I had chili cheese fries, which is something I would never normally eat, but hey, I was at the fair! The menu also included corn dogs, cheeseburgers, and soup beans. I noticed the menu board of one stand offered a 16 oz. cup of buttermilk.
The array of junk food was glorious! At every turn there was ice cream, cotton candy, candy apples and funnel cakes. For days, I dreamed of what sweet treat I would get before leaving the fair. My dream came to a shocking and abrupt end when our time at the fair was cut short by a rainstorm. Calli did secure a bag of cotton candy before we made our mad dash to the car. The unfinished bag of cotton candy is on our kitchen counter and Calli's at school. Hum, do you think she will notice if a little of it is gone?


Dana Fredsti said...

Funnel cakes... those cannot be beat!

Gayle said...

I love the flying pig picture. How adorable!