Friday, July 17, 2009

You really can find ANYTHING online!

I've been working hard on Dead Pan, the sequel to Murder Takes the Cake, and it's great to be able to click over from the Word window to the Internet window to check something out. I've recently discovered you can quickly find ANYTHING!

For example, in Murder Takes the Cake, Daphne makes a birthday cake for a guinea pig. In Dead Pan, the guinea pig's owner is back. This time she's having a New Year's Eve party, and she wants not only a cake but a dessert bar for the guinea pigs and for her human guests. I did a quick--and I thought at the time, frivolous--search for "guinea pig cookies." Well, not only is there such a thing as cavy cookies, here's a link to the receipe:

Next up, Daphne gets a vegan client. How could she possibly make a cake for a vegan? Can you make a cake without using eggs? Once again, a web search provides the information I needed. You can make a vegan cake without using eggs or oil. Check out this recipe for Low-Fat Chocolate Applesauce Cake ( I'm not a vegan, but this looks delicious. Plus, without the oil, it's bound to be a healthier alternative to your traditional chocolate cake.

What will Daphne find next? Stay tuned . . . .

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