Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turkish Delight

This weekend, my family watched Chronicles of Narnia, based on the book by C.S. Lewis. While watching the movie, I became curious about Turkish delight, the confection that the White Witch uses to lure young Edmund into betraying his brother and sisters.
Being the great detective that I am, I Googled. I discovered that Turkish delight is a jelly-like treat, flavored with rose water and rolled in powdered sugar. Here is the recipe:
I also found this humorous post written by someone who received a gift of Turkish delight as a child.
The last post does not exactly sing the praises of Turkish delight. Still, I would like to try the recipe. If it is good, I think it would be such a lovely gift to give Turkish delight along with a copy of the book or dvd of the C.S. Lewis classic.


Marian Allen said...

OMG--are you trying to KILL me, with that picture of a whole display of Turkish Delight??? Man, I LOVE that stuff! My mother makes it every so often, out of apples and walnuts (hold the rosewater). It is SO GOOD.

You know that the proper way to eat it is to hold it in your mouth so it dissolves. The flavor intensifies and deepens as it dissolves. That's why it was so appalling for whats-his-name (Eustace?) to gobble it in LWW.


Lisa Hall said...

I'll have to try a recipe that does not call for rosewater. I loves apples and walnuts.

Dana Fredsti said...

I remember being so disappointed with Turkish Delight when trying it after reading the Narnia books... I'd love to try a really good recipe and see if it lives up to Lewis's description!