Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Foods!

Here in the midwest it seems like summer is playing cat-and-mouse. A few days it's super hot in the 90s too early, then it goes down to 59 at night. Today it's around 80, which with no humidity is perfect.

When it's hot, of course, who wants to cook? So out comes the grill. Our favorites are the usual: chicken, bratwurst, cole slaw and potato salad. For a change of pace, hubby likes grilled pork chops. I like grilled catfish.

Since I don't have one of those contraptions that lets you cook the fish right on top of the grill without it falling through, a good alternative is wrapping fish or other meats in foil, adding a spot of butter or margarine, seasoning, choice of veggies like spinach, or broccoli, some tomatoes, and sealing it together in a package. Grills up great and makes a yummy one-dish meal.

Following are some great grilling recipes for fish:

* Catfish with Dijon Sauce

* Fish Kabobs

* See more at

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