Friday, July 24, 2009

Not your average Bible school

This is Kingsway Baptist Church's youth pastor, who this week has been dubbed Sir Eric the Brave. This Bible school is for teens and is called Freak Week (from the DC Talk song, Jesus Freak) and the focus this year is on spiritual warfare, or immortal combat.

Not only has the week been informative, we have had so much fun. The teens were divided up into kingdoms and have participated in challenges. Two of the four kingdoms formed an alliance and tried to storm the other two kingdoms' castle. Someone sent poisoned wine to all the kings and queens, and their subjects had to determine the proper antidote.

Besides the fun and fellowship, the food is extraordinary. This is a new church for us--we've only been going there about a month--because we wanted to introduce more youth programs to our children and our previous church had none. Last night, my husband and I were sitting in the church talking to some of the people who have organized this Bible school.

I said, "You guys don't serve your typical Bible school fare of Kool-Aid and cookies. Kids who come here to Bible school would never want to leave."

One of the women laughed and said, "We feed the little ones good food during their Bible school, too."

My husband said, "Yeah, kids coming here could gain ten pounds during Bible school."

The first night, they had a vegetable tray with dip, fresh fruit, Chex mix, a cheese tray and cookies. The next night, they had both spicy and regular chicken legs, baked potatoes, fresh fruit, a vegetable tray, cookies and cupcakes. The next night was corn dogs, a vegetable tray, chips, fresh fruit, candy, cookies and crackers. I'm postdating this blog, so I don't know what they're serving today (Thurs.) or Friday yet.

Did I mention Sunday is the church picnic? I wonder if they'll offer a diet and exercise Bible school after school starts? I have a feeling I'll need it. ;-)


Lisa Hall said...

We had Vacation Bible School this week. It was a boot camp theme. Our snacks were really good.
The workers were fed dinner each night. On Thursday night we had fried chicken, homemade mash potatoes and baked apples.

Gayle said...

Things have sure changed from the days I was thrilled to get red Kool-Aid and a cookie after I made my Ivory soap Bible! ;-)