Friday, July 10, 2009

Grocery Store Mind Control

It must be in the Muzak!

My family has recently fell victim to grocery store mind control. We have been to the grocery store at least four times within the past eight days. We went Thursday, July 2. Then we went on Friday to get the things we'd forgotten on Thursday. Yes, I made a list; but I left it on the desk. The Muzak programs your mind to forget the list.

Last night after the latest jaunt to the grocery store, I told my husband we've got to bite the bullet and start making one comprehensive trip to the grocery store a week because we're spending a fortune at the grocery store. Forgetting the cat food, for example, leads to a shopping trip wherein everybody has to grab a bag and someone has to make two trips.

Does anyone have any tips for escaping grocery store mind control? Do you wear ear plugs and blinders while you shop? Put an itemized list in your purse with corresponding coupons and adhere solely to the list? If you forget something, do you simply do without it until the next week's scheduled grocery store trip?


Dana Fredsti said...

I don't have that problem at normal grocery stores, but the siren song of Trader Joe's does me in every time...

Dana Fredsti said...
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Lisa Hall said...

You can borrow my 2 little ones for your next grocery outing. They will make you hurry, yet get what you need so that you can put off going again!
I'm sure you remember those days with your twins!