Saturday, July 25, 2009

Foodie Books

Donis typing today. I write a mystery series set in the 1910s, featuring a sleuth who is a farm wife and mother of ten children.  Now when you have ten children, you're always thinking of what's for dinner, so my books involve a lot of food and cooking.  And raising and preparing, too, since if you lived on a farm in Oklahoma in 1915, you didn't pop in to the A&P to pick up a tomato in January.  I talk about food so much, in fact, that I have a "cookbook" in the back of each book, which gives not only the recipes for many of the dishes I mention in the story, but the lore of the dish as well.

I'm far from the only author to do this, and my blogmates are examples.  In fact, there are many wonderful mystery writers whose series' will keep you inspired to cook and eat for the rest of your natural days, Dear Reader.

One of my favorites is JoAnna Carl, who writes the Chocoholic Mysteries, featuring divorcee (and now newlywed) Lee McKinney, who moves back to Michigan to work in her aunt's chocolate business, TenHuis Chocolade, making fine, European style chocolates. Such as: Mocha Pyramids ("Milky coffee interior in a dark chocolate pyramid"), and Raspberry Creams (Red raspberry puree in a white chocolate cream interior, coated in dark chocolate").  If you don't want to commit suicide by chocolate after reading one of these books, well, I don't know what.

There are nine mouthwatering installments in this series, including her latest,  The Chocolate Snowman Murders,  published by Obsidian.   JoAnna's web address is


LadyPI said...

I like Joanna Carl's chocoholic series too. So much that I wish TenHuis Chocolade was a real store and that I could order from them!

Donis Casey said...

Amen, Sister. I'd go broke, though.