Monday, July 13, 2009

Dead Death by Chocolate or When Cakes Attack

So Marian, I tried your microwave chocolate cake for my friend's b-day yesterday. Used a gluten-free cake mix my mom bought me, so it called for a few extra ingredients along with the sour cream and chocolate chips. Baked it the prerequisite amount of time, poked it, it felt done. Then I re-covered it with the plate and tipped it upside down.



NOT so done! Guess my dinosaur of a microwave requires about 10 minutes more time than suggested. So, with the help of my friends, I put the cake and what batter we could reclaim in a sanitary manner BACK in the bowl and nuked it for another 10 minutes.

May I just say "Messy, but YUMMY!!!"

I'm calling it Erupted Volcano Cake.


Marian Allen said...

LOL!!! Or, as my late Grandfather used to say, "It don't hurt the eatin' of it."

David Fitzgerald said...
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Dana Fredsti said...

It sure didn't! The leftovers, all mushed into a tupperware container, are like cake meets fudge. One little bite does me for the night.

Dana Fredsti said...
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