Monday, July 6, 2009


When I worked on ARMY OF DARKNESS (comedy horror movie - think Three Stooges meet flesh rending demons), we would work long hours through the night, eating craft service foods in between shivering in the desert waiting for our scenes to be shot. I was a sword-fighting Deadite (also the armourer's assistant/fiancee) and we had a lot of 'storming the castle' shots before moving into the battle sequences with the armies of Arthur and Henry the Red. When the day/night's shooting was done, I was generally ravenous and wired. So my friend and fellow Deadite Julianne and I would head to the Carrow's next to the Day's Inn in Palmdale and order cornbread and hot chocolate. We'd slather the cornbread with butter and honey, and heap piles of whipped cream onto our hot chocolate, enjoying the decompression after a lot of work. By the time we'd finish our post-filming snack, we'd be pleasantly logy and ready for a good day's sleep.

Cornbread is still one of my favorite comfort foods. I found an organic, gluten-free mix at our local produce market and it is as delicious as any cornbread recipe I've tried. Instead of honey, I use agave syrup, which pretty much tastes the same with a much happier gylcemic index result. I miss the post-filming cameraderie with Julianne, but the taste of the cornbread brings back some very happy memories.

What foods bring back specific memories for you and why? Inquiring minds and all!


Marian Allen said...

YOU WERE IN ARMY OF DARKNESS??!!! My grandson will think I'm SO COOL--lol!

I agree: cornbread is very very good. I like it sweet or not sweet, either one.

Hot dogs, fried potatoes and baked beans make me think of my late grandfather--that was his favorite meal. :)

Lisa Hall said...

Fried chicken, pasta salad and green beans make me think of eating at my grandmother's house.
New potatoes in cream sauce, green beans, sliced garden tomatoes and cornbread make me think of summertime when I was a kid.That's what we ate when the garden stuff was picked.

Dana Fredsti said...

Oh man, we need to have a Fatal Foodies get together and make our favorite 'memory' foods... I'm starving just reading the comments!

Marian, I will post pictures. :-)