Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As Independence Day is quickly approaching, I tried to think of books that have brought out my patriotic spirit. I immediately thought of We Are Not Afraid by Homer Hickam.
If you have seen the movie October Sky you are familiar with Hickam and his roots in a small but proud West Virginia coal mining town.
Hickam was inspired to write We Are Not Afraid in response to our country's pervasive sense of fear after 9/11. From facing down a school bully to fighting in the Vietnam War, Homer illustrates how he and others in his life learned to overcome fear.
This book filled me with a sense of pride and encouragment. Times are still uncertain and fear is still pervasive. I suggest this book for anyone who needs a pick-me-up and a restored sense of gratitude for having the opportunity to live in this great nation.
Homer Hickam's site is really good. He as included a section of advice for writers.
Have a safe and happy July 4!

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Gayle said...

Neat post, Lisa. Thanks for sharing!