Friday, June 12, 2009

Yikes! I just remembered it's Friday!

I'm seriously having one of those weeks. Yesterday was the last day of school, I'm getting a website overhaul, and I'm getting schooled in the importance of continuity with regard to websites and social networking sites. But I won't bore you with that.

What I will bore you with is how to feed unexpected guests in a hurry. Earlier this week, Nicholas was playing ball outside with some of his friends. He came inside for a drink of water and I told him dinner was almost ready. "Ask the boys if they'd like to join us," I said. "We're having breakfast."

They wanted to join us, so thank goodness, we were having breakfast. I generally try portion things out to where there will be little waste. So if I have something in the crockpot and an unexpected guest drops in, I have to do some creative plate-filling. In this case, we just had to add more eggs, pancakes, biscuits and sausage to what we already had.

The best part was that Tim and I got to sit down and converse with these boys. And we discovered they're terrific boys. The next day we went and stocked up on snacks. We're expecting lots of drop-ins over the summer.

So, when company arrives hungry and unexpectedly, get out your frying pan and start scrambling eggs. :-)


Dana Fredsti said...

I love crockpots! You can pretty much do anything with 'em and have a tasty meal at the end of the day without worrying... Unexpected guests? I am the pasta queen! :-)

Gayle said...

Pasta. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. It takes a LOT of food to feed 13 & 14 year-olds! ;-)