Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Understanding Apples"

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, which means the unofficial beginning of fall. Fall immediately conjures up thoughts of apples. Whether they are baked up in an apples crisp, fried in butter for breakfast, coated in caramel or simply served in their natural state; apples always make me think of crisp fall weather, hooded sweatshirts, football, crunchy piles of leaves and Halloween.
Speaking of apples; the title of my post is also the title of a really good book written by a local author and alumni of my high school. JS Moore is a storyteller who writes works of "faction". This is his term for true tales that are a bit embelished through oral history tellings and retellings.
"Understanding Apples" is Moore's first book. The book is a loving tribute to his grandfather. Moore reminds us that it is the little things about those we love that make the most impact. Bits of wisdom, quirky habits and little expressions of caring are remembered all throughout this book. While reminiscing about his grandfather, Moore explores history and legends of our area.
As I read this book, I was impressed by JS Moore's love for his family and heritage. What also impressed me was his dedication to getting the stories behind some of the most noted people and places in the Kinsport,Tennessee area.
While JS Moore truly enjoys talking to people, it is also evident that he is a wonderful listener; taking in things that people tell him and winding this information into wonderfully entertaining tales. You don't have to be from Kingsport, Tennessee to enjoy the works of JS Moore. All you need is an appreciation of family, home and the love of a good story!
Moore has two follow-ups to Understanding Apples. Here is a link with additional information:

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