Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Sick Food

Yesterday, Dana posted about foods she ate when she was ill. GLAD YOU'RE FEELING BETTER, DANA!

In my comment replying to her post, I said one of the foods I eat when I don't feel well is milk soup. I used to think that milk soup was peculiar to my family, but I've since learned that it's quite common among people in and from Germany. The basic ingredients are milk and pasta. Some people use macaroni, some flat noodles, some curly noodles. My family uses broken spaghetti noodles.

Cook the noodles and drain them. Add milk, butter, salt and pepper and heat. Eat with soda crackers.

In my case, I like my soup thick with noodles and then a crush up so many soda crackers in it, all the liquid is absorbed, so I end up with no soup and just a big bowl of salty, buttery, limp carbohydrates. Sounds sick, doesn't it? Maybe it's a counter-irritant, because it always makes me feel better. Makes me sleepy, too, which is usually a good thing when you're unwell.

I'm not certain, but I think my Uncle Johnny Schroeder may have brought that into the family when he married my Aunt Ruth Leister. At any rate, milk soup is cheap and filling, and we ate it not just when we were ill. But never, never if we needed to be awake and alert.

Come to think of it, suppose a character in a story or book needed to throw a bad guy off his game? Just make him a big bowl of delicious milk soup and tackle him when he nodded off. ha!

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Dana Fredsti said...

It sounds like noodle chowder, what with the butter and the pepper! I love the idea of serving it to a villain to make 'em sleepy...