Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Case You Haven't Bought a Father's Day Gift

I love to give books as gifts for various occasions, including Father's Day. Since my dad loves to read, he's pretty easy. My husband likes a whole lotta things better than reading, which makes him more of a challange. Still, when he gets ahold of the right book for him, he is engrossed, often finishing a book in one or two sittings. I have included images of some of the books that my husband and father have loved. Most I have ordered off the Barnes&Noble site:
Hint: Most items qualify for free shipping if you spend $25 or more. Also, I always Google "Barnes&Noble coupons". Usually I find one for at least a 10% discount.
The site also has a great selection of movies.


Gayle said...

Great idea, Lisa. I'd like to read the Tony Dungy book myself. :-)

Dana Fredsti said...

My step-dad wants Homies for Father's Day. Those little figures you get in bubblegum machines. THey're the perfect size for his model train set-up. :-)

Lisa Hall said...

I'd never heard of Homies until you mentioned them. I noticed them this weekend in a little machine in a restaurnat lobby. They are super cute!