Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blast of Fresh Air

I went to the farmers' market the other day, and I'm going again today. We only have them three times a week during parts of those days. And I got to thinking.... (Always dangerous.)

What if you had a villain who was stalking somebody? The target could be a pro chef who insists on fresh and local food or could be a domestic god/goddess. The perp would know exactly where to find her/him any of three days.

Or--I know! Here's the story, for anybody who uses it. The target is one of those ROTTEN HOARDERS who get to the market BEFORE I DO and BUY UP ALL OF THE PRODUCE I'm looking for so they can can or freeze it. MAN, that frosts my seat cushion. The stalker (in this case, the hero) goes to their houses and turns on the gas so that when they light the stove to blanch their ill-gotten goods the whole place explodes.


Ha! I feel much better now.

a sweet little old lady


Dana Fredsti said...

HAHAHAH!!!! Marian, that's too funny... And a good reason to kill someone. Hoarders. grrrrrr...

Dana Fredsti said...
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Gayle said...

You definitely have to write that story, Marian. :-)

Lisa Hall said...

The things people will do for fresh produce!