Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fried, Cheesey, Sweet and Greasy

WARNING-The meal I am about to describe is not a healthy one!

Last night when I watered my garden I noticed some nice little green tomatoes. I think that in a few days they will be ready to pick for some fried green tomatoes. Here's how I make them:
Fried Green Tomatoes

Slice green tomatoes. Put slices in colander and sprinkle with salt and sugar (or sugar substitute)

Let tomatoes sit in colander for 5-10 minutes to allow juice to render.

Put equal parts cornmeal and flour in brown paper bag. Place tomato slices in bag and shake.

Fry in hot oil.

Sprinkle hot tomatoes with Kosher salt.

I like to serve fried green tomatoes with cheese grits and sweet smoked sausauge. Here's how to do it:

Sweet Smoked Sausage Peel the casings off smoked sausage and slice into about 1 inch pieces
Drizzle olive oil in heated skillet. Put sausage in skillet. Sprinkle sausage with sugar and fry (stirring constantly) until sugar is carmlized and sausage is brown.

Cheese Grits Make instant grits according to package directions. Add salt, milk, butter, garlic and your favorite cheese. Stir over low heat unitl cheese is melted.

Okay, you can lighten this up a bit. The tomatoes can be oven-fried. You may use turkey sausage, sugar substitute, and a low-fat or fat-free cheese.

Of course, I cannot post anything about fried green tomatoes without recommending the classic book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe which was later made into a movie.

Here is a link to a site about the town where the Whistle Stop Cafe is located:

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Anonymous said...

Forget the fried green tomatoes, I'd like a slice of cake, please.

Actually, she reminds me of a scene in my book where the female assassin is in the guys kitchen and finds an eight inch butcher's knife she will use to try and kill the protagonist. Something about a girl with a buthcer's knife and a bad attitude. Not good.

Stephen Tremp