Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yesterday was Memorial Day, and one of the people I remembered was my grandmother, a woman who lied as easy as breathing. She usually used her vast power for good, not e-vil, unless you count messing with my head. I'm still finding out things she lied to me about, just for the fun of seeing me believe her.

She told me once she used to sing on local radio when she was a child, under the name of Baby Ruby Goodman. She told me my grandfather was a motorcycle hoodlum when she met him. These are both POSSIBLE, but I've found them to be totally unfounded.

MAN, I miss her!

Besides being a great liar and one of the world's premier collectors of dirty jokes, Gramma made the best hamburgers in the world.

Baby Ruby Goodman's Knockout Hamburgers
  • ground beef, NOT TOO LEAN
  • skillet with cover
  • hamburger buns
Make patties bigger around and flatter than you want them. They draw up as they cook. Put them in a medium-hot pan and cook them until nicely browned on one side. Flip them, put the buns on them, bottom half cutside-down on the burger, top half cut-side down on the bottom half, cover and reduce heat. This finishes the burger and steams the bun at the same time. If you want cheese, put a slice on when the burger is almost done.

Best. Burger. Ever.



Dana Fredsti said...

She sounds like Calvin's dad in Calvin and Hobbes! :-)

APologies for not posting, guys. I've had a nasty bug AND visitors over the holiday weekend...

Lisa Hall said...

I love this post! It's fun to remember the "colorful" people in our lives.