Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm playing my "Tired New Mommy Card" for this morning's post. My sleepless couple of nights have occurred because I jinxed myself. I began bragging WAY to soon that Skylar is a very good sleeper. I would preface my bragging with "I'm probably jinxing myself" thinking that would undo the curse that bragging too soon can bring on.
After 2 nights of her suddenly fighting sleep and waking up several times during the night, I know that I officially jinxed myself! I'm tired as can be, but with such an angelic smile, I can't complain too much!
I'm now going to power breakfast (Special K Red Berries, Diet Dr. Pepper and a cup of coffee). If that doesn't work, I might have to give into a nap.


Dana Fredsti said...

oooh, don't you hate it when you think you've jinxed yourself? Here's hoping you and Skylar both get more sleep in the next few nights!

Gayle said...

What precious pictures! Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful baby! I love the name Skylar, too.

Congratulations on your precious little one! Joi - Self Help

Marian Allen said...

What a sweetie! I meant Skylar, but I'll bet you're a sweetie, too. :) Sending good wishes for peaceful nights and a happily snoozing baby.