Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Italian Guacamole

Last week, my post was full of paranoia that my kids and I would get my husband's stomach bug. This week I am happy to say that none of us caught it.
Yesterday evening, I made something that might have made even the strongest of stomachs queasy. Luckily, I tasted it before my dish made it to the table.
In observance of Cinco de Mayo, I made crunchy tacos and guacamole for dinner. Making guacamole in East Tennessee can sometimes be tricky. Many times, a store will have a whole display of avacados that will not be ripe for several days. (Putting an avacado in a paper bag will speed up the ripening process.) Yesterday morning, I fondled about a dozen avacados to find the one that was perfectly ripe and "guacamole ready".
I tasted a bit of the avacado as I cubed it up to make guacamole, and it was really good. I quickly mashed all of the other ingredients into the avacado. Once I was done, I dipped a chip. Something was not right! I dipped another chip "yuck".
Convinced that the mixture needed a touch more salsa I grabbed the big jar off the counter. It was then that I discovered my problem. I had grabbed a jar of spaghetti sauce from the fridge instead of salsa.
I hate to concede to failure in the kitchen so I began trying to save my guacamole. I added lots of salsa, more lime juice and salt. That did not help. I resorted to pouring the guacamole through a strainer and doctoring the chunck of avacado that were left. It was less gross, but still not good.
I finally admitted to defeat and dumped the guacamole.
Sometimes, Food Network chefs love to meld international cuisines into some new dish. Here's a new challenge, Italian Guacamole!
This recipe from Food Network seems to do a good job at combining Latin and Italian cuisines. It sounds much better than what I made last night!


Dana Fredsti said...

HAH!! Lisa, that is too funny! A shame about the avocado wasted, but still a funny story.

Jim said...

I wind up with lots of wasted food experiments. I hate to throw them away, but some are just too disgusting. Good story.