Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Poke My Eye Out

Not really, but I did poke my eye. Details, prayer and writing prompt at my blog.

Meanwhile, I managed to make some good meals. I had some rather old mushrooms and some fresh-picked asparagus and a boatload of new-laid eggs from two friends who keep chickens. I've learned that, if you store mushrooms in a paper bag instead of the plastic/styro in which they come from the grocery, they dry out but don't spoil. So I put the mushrooms and asparagus into a frying pan along with some sherry and simmered, covered, until the mushrooms reconstituted and the asparagus was tender. Meanwhile, I beat an egg, an equal volume of milk, salt and marjoram (would have used cracked pepper, but husband can't have it). Put some butter in the veggies and then the egg mixture, covered and cooked until puffy, flipped and cooked until browned. Lovely!

Yesterday, I mixed some "rotisserie chicken seasoning mix" and water, put a bit in the bottom of a slow cooker, put in a couple pounds of frozen chicken breasts, topped with the rest of the flavored water, covered and cooked on high for about six hours, then turned to low. A little long, I think, but I was concerned that the chicken be thoroughly cooked. Very flavorful, plenty of leftovers, and the juice will make a delicious soup base.

Also braised a bunch of chopped celery in butter and some of the chicken liquid. If you've never eaten celery as a cooked vegetable all on its own, I highly recommend it!

Don't forget the upcoming virtual writers conference, coming up May 19-22!


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Dana Fredsti said...

That is a great tip re: mushroom storage - I generally end up with a bunch of slimy mushrooms at the back of the fridge.