Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working in My P.J.'s

In her book, Self Promotion for the Emerging Writer , our very own founder and mentor, Gayle Trent touts the benefits of the over-the-phone interview. I got the pleasure of doing one of these recently. A local radio station set up a time to call my home. On the morning of, I made sure that my baby was fed, changed and drifting off to sleep. My five-year-old was warned not to make any noise. I took the call upstairs (kids were downstairs) in a room with the door shut.
The whole thing took about five minutes and went off without a hitch, a child barging in, a crying, etc.
Best of all, I was in my comfy P.J.'s, I didn't have to get out, and a celebratory cup of coffee was waiting for me after I had completed the interview. Gayle, you're right, the phone interview is a good thing!
Another good thing is Gayles Book, Self Promotion for the Emerging Writer. It's a must read for writers. Here's a link:


Gayle said...

Thank you, Lisa! How sweet of you to mention my e-book. What station were you on, and do they have the interview on their site? I'd love to listen. :-)

Dana Fredsti said...

There is NOTHING I like better than working in my PJs... Congrats on the interview, Lisa!

Lisa Hall said...

I was on AM 910, WJCW. I don't think they have the interview archived.