Monday, April 13, 2009

When nothing will do...

...but a nice steak!

I'm not a huge red meat eater. We've learned to substitute ground turkey for ground beef when we have taco salad (a staple in our diet) and I tend to go for seafood when it's time for my daily dose of protein. But there are just times when I crave red meat. A hamburger will do in a pinch. But generally I want steak. A nice, juicy, medium-rare (more rare than medium) piece of good quality beef. Free range. No hormones. The good stuff.

Tonight was one of those occasions so I got a decent New York steak from Trader Joe's and set about cooking it up. Cast iron skillet, a hint of olive oil, the meat marinated in red wine (tempranillo from Rioja, to be precise), lemon pepper and a touch of balsamic vinegar and...well...butter. I know, I know...guilding the cholesteral count lily. I am, however, lucky enough to have never had any sort of cholesteral or blood pressure problems and, as I said, steak is a rare treat for me. So why NOT guild the lily and make it as yummy and tender as possible?

It was tender and it was yummy. I had a glass or two of the tempranillo with the steak. Three of our cats swarmed (yes, three cats definitely constitute a swarm, especially when there's steak or seafood involved) me as I ate and I found it necessary to carve small sacrificial offerings to keep them off of my plate.

I'm hoping this will take care of the low iron problem that's occurred the last two times I tried to give blood. If not, at least I had a delicious meal. Of course, it's hard to tell who enjoyed it more; me or the cats!


Gayle said...

Makes me want a juicy filet mignon, Dana! :-)

Dana Fredsti said...

They had those at TJs too, but the price was a bit much. But OH, they looked good!