Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stargazey Pie (In Miniature)

Funny that Marian's Tuesday post mentioned a unique Tudor "delicacy," Stargazey Pie.

Yes, it sounds awful... but you have to actually see it to appreciate it. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to let you get a glimpse of this most interesting pie! (In miniature, it's pretty cool, but I think I'd rather starve than try it in real life!)

This amazingly realistic pie is made of polymer clay by IGMA Artisan (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) Kiva Atkinson. It is in standard 1 inch scale (1" equals 1 foot) so the pie is roughly 2-3 inches in diameter. (Be sure to go see her other incredible works!)


Gayle said...

Once again, everybody, sing along: Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads....Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up...YUK! LOL!

Dana Fredsti said...

Yuk to the heads, yay to the artist!