Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silas House

Even with a newborn baby, and far too little rest, I have been tempted to stay up all night to finish A Parchment of Leaves by Silas House.
Silas House is an Eastern Kentucky native. His deep love of the region, its mountains and history, shines through in every page.
A Parchment of Leaves is the story of a beautiful Cherokee girl who marries a white man. The story is set in Eastern Kentucky in the early 1900's, when many were not fond of the Cherokee people. Vine, the young Cherokee woman, is accepted and even embraced by her husband Saul's family. Before long, the hauntingly beautiful Vine, becomes an obsession for Saul's brother Aaron. When Saul must leave Vine for a year because of his job, Aaron's obsession gives way to a volatile situation that will leave Vine forever changed.
Silas House's use of imagery is so lovely, that it has me reading passages over-and-over. He uses details that engage all of the reader's senses. As a Fatal Foodie, I love a reference he uses more than once to coffee.
There is a touching scene, when, on the morning of her wedding, Vine and her mother have coffee together on their front porch. Since it is Vine's last morning at home, she wants to savor every moment. As Vine drinks a cup of her mother's strong, bitter coffee, she clinches her teeth in an attempt to capture that taste. Later, when Vine is homesick, she tried to bring back that bitter taste of her mother's coffee from that morning.
I love that House shows how sentimental we can be about food. Silas House gets to the most basic of human emotions through his skillful use of words. It is a wonderful story that I hope many will read!
Below are links to his website and blog. Silas House is very passionate many issues, including the protest of mountain-top removal to obtain coal. He also writes press kits for many of Nashville's most famous country music stars. I think many will find his site and blog quite interesting.


Gayle said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'll look into this and look for the book, too.

Lisa Hall said...

You'll love his writing!

Donis Casey said...

I absolutely must read this book. So many great authors, so little time to read them all!