Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have never acquired a taste for Peeps. In fact, I REALLY, REALLY do not like to eat them. I know that stating this opinion so close to Easter is kind of kicking the Easter Bunny inthe knees, or somewhere worse. (Which I would never do. I'd never kick the Easter Bunny!) I want to like Peeps, but I just can't!

The origins of my dislike lie in my childhood. My dad has always loved Peeps, but he doesn't like them fresh out of their pristine, plastic-wrapped, pastel packaging. Dad like to eat stale Peeps. He has this preparation process where he makes a slight tear in the packaging so that the product is exposed to air.

The very sound of a stale Peep being eaten is disgusting! Biting through the outside, which becomes crispy when stale, creates sort of a crackle. Then going into the soft center makes an ishy squishy, squeaky, rubbery noise.

Most details of my first Peep-eating experience has been repressed to some dark recess of my brain, but I'm certain that the Peep must have been one of my Dad's stale ones. After that, I have a hard time even touching a Peep. If I am ever on one of those reality shows where people have to eat nasty stuff, I could be forced to eat stale Peeps. The producers could put a microphone near my mouth to capture every crackle and squish.

On a positive note, I do think Peeps are cute to look at. Their website is quite fun!

Oh, and I do still financially support the Peep. I have purchased them for my husband and daughter on several occasions. They just know not to offer any to me!

Here is a really funny website on Peep research. The researchers have exposed Peeps to heat, cold and various other scenarios.

Have a Happy Easter!


Donis Casey said...

Peeps is (are?) one of my husband's very favorite things. I remember his telling me how much he liked them back when we first met, 35 years ago! That goes to show how long they've been around.

Annette said...

Nasty sweet, foul squishy, tooth-ache inducing, sugar-sand in your teeth, diabetic-coma candy.

No thanks. I feel the same way about Krispy Kreme donuts.

Dana Fredsti said...

I can't stand Peeps. sorry, Easter Bunny, I must kick you now.

We used to put them in the microwave and watch them mutate...