Tuesday, April 14, 2009

National Cornbread Festival

On April 25 and 26, South Pittsburg, Tennessee will host the annual National Cornbread Festival. This is a tiny town, but the event is huge. The festival has been covered by several national magazines and The Food Network.
One of the main events is the National Cornbread Cookoff. Cornbread cooks from all around the country descend on South Pittsburg to impress the judges (magazine and food editors from across the country) with unique cornbread creations.
The rules require contestants to use 1 cup of Martha White Cornmeal, and to cook their recipe in Lodge cast iron. Anyone who has a good cast iron skillet knows it's worth its weight in gold. If you don't have any cast iron cookware or need some more pieces, here is a link to Lodge cast iron, which is made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee: http://www.lodgemfg.com/
There are several other fun events during the festival. One of the most unique is Cornbread Alley, where patrons can sample all kinds of cornbread treats. Of course there is a carnival, a beauty contest and arts and crafts.
To read all about The National Cornbread Contest, follow the link:
If you like cornbread, try this. My mom puts honey in her batter to make a moist and sweet conrbread. Just be careful, honey makes the bottom brown very quickly.


Gayle said...

I think that's too far from Bristol for us to drive next weekend, but it does sound like a lot of fun. Plus, now you've got me wanting cornbread and potato soup. :-p

Lisa Hall said...

It's a neat town, but quite a drive. I had a buddy in college who lived there. I loved going to her house. It's this little town in the mountains with lots of those flashy fireworks stands.

Dana Fredsti said...

There are few things I love more than hot cornbread with honey butter slathered all over it... Must. Make. Some!