Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Denny's Hits a Grand Slam!

The nightly news has become quite painful to watch. There are so many stories of people loosing their jobs, homes and hope. A couple of nights ago, I watched a story that really touched my heart and made me feel happy.
Recently Denny's restaurants offered a free Grand Slam breakfast to everyone in America. They were overwhelmed with customers, and later with e-mails from people expressing thanks and admiration for their generosity.
I love that the CEO of Denny's said "America needs a hug." He also announced that Denny's will be doing the free breakfast again. The CEO urges those who enjoyed free breakfast the first time to bring a friend in need to Denny's to "pay it forward".
America does need a hug, and so does the CEO of Denny's! Yes, I know that they have probably gained more in publicity than they spent on giving away breakfast, but I love the sentiment of this guy! We need more CEO's like him.
I have included a link to the news story, which I encourage you to watch. It will make your day!
The second link is for the Superbowl commercial that advertised Denny's free Grand Slam event.


Gayle said...

Great story, Lisa. Thanks for sharing this GOOD news.

Dana Fredsti said...

It's so nice to read about something positive these days! Thank you, LIsa!