Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bracing for the Big Bug

I am bracing for the big one!
Last night, my husband was overcome with what seems to be a stomach bug. This morning, he is still in the throws of it. I am now bracing for this evil ailment to work its way through me and my two little girls.
Perhaps I am being paranoid, but this is reminiscent of December 2004, when Calli brought a stomach virus home from daycare. By the end of the week, every member of our household, plus the majority of our extended family had been affected.
I am considering my options. It is pointless at this juncture to isolate Todd from the rest of us, because we have already been exposed. I have instructed Calli to wash her hands a bunch of times today and not to touch her eyes.
Part ot me thinks that I need go out and buy a stockpile of Sprite, chicken broth, Pedialite and popsicles. Another part thinks I ought to go back to bed in order to get the rest it will take to sustain me if the nasty affliction hits me and the kids.
Should I go ahead and call the pediatrician to get Calli and Skylar penciled in? Will the ER go ahead and give me an IV to fend off the impending dehydration? Do I call my mom to give her a heads up in case I get too sick to care for the kids?
Next week, I'll let you know whether all of this alarm is over nothing. In the meantime, I'll be freaking out and disinfecting!

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Dana Fredsti said...

Ugh. I am sending healthful vibes your way, Lisa!