Friday, March 6, 2009

This Month's Poll - Reality TV

I took this month's poll from a recent issue of Woman's Day magazine. Every issue, they pose a question to their editorial staff and print some of the answers. I have to say I'm not that crazy about reality TV. I've never seen Big Brother's House, Girls Gone Wild or The Bachelor, although I will admit to laughing until I cried at some of the clips shown on E's The Soup. The Extreme Home Makeovers show makes me cry, and I feel really bad for some of the American Idol contestants. (Hey, I'm a writer who has received my fair share rejections - can you imagine suffering that humiliation on national TV?)

That said, of the choices at right, I would choose either The Amazing Race or Dancing With the Stars. I think The Amazing Race would be a terrific opportunity to travel, but I'd hate for viewers to see that my husband (who would naturally be my partner in the race) has the patience of Job while I have the patience of, say, a five-year-old. Also, we'd have to pay out anything we'd earn to be able to afford to take our children along with us. No way would they agree to stay behind at Grandma's house while Mom and Dad raced around the world!

As for Dancing With the Stars, I hear it's a wonderful way to lose weight. I like to dance, although I'm not very good at it; and I would accept any number of celebs as my partner: George Clooney, for one. I also like Johnny Depp (but I'm fairly certain I'm bigger than he is) and Brad Pitt (but I'm afraid Angelina would beat me to death). Brad Garrett might be okay. Former really large NFL players would be great as well. I'd hate to dwarf my partner and/or have us look like Steve Carrell and his partner in the Get Smart! dance scene.

So what about you? What reality show would you agree to participate in and why? I'm looking forward to reading your comments!


Dana Fredsti said...

I applied for SURVIVOR because I thought it would make a great weight loss program... Other than that...can't think of one I'd like to be on!

Marian Allen said...

I said SURVIVOR because I would totally win. Check it out: All I would have to say is, "I'm a writer. Go ahead--vote me off the island. Go ahead." And then I'd smile. Real wide. I guarantee you, I'd be the last one standing. Heeee!