Friday, March 13, 2009

A Teaser for Next Week's Post

Next week, a special guest will be joining us at Fatal Foodies. His name is George Singleton, and he's the author of Pep Talks, Warnings & Screeds. (Btw, screeds are similar to rants.) I'll be interviewing George as part of the WOW! Women On Writing book blog tour. George is the author of four collections of short stories, two novels and more than 100 stories in magazines and literary journals.

I got his book this week, though, and I couldn't wait to share some of his words of wisdom with you. In keeping with our theme, here are some food-related Pep Talks, Warnings & Screeds.

Baking a Cake - If you have a writing teacher of some sort, please do not give him two paragraphs of a story and ask, 'What do you think?' That would be analogous to saying, 'Hey, I'm thinking about baking a cake. Taste these raw eggs and tell me what you think. Later, I'll let you eat a packet of yeast.'

On the Menu - I'm pretty certain that, at one time, regular-eating diners once considered sushi and fish tacos as inedible. Think of all the items we see on menus these days that probably weren't offered in, say, 1900. Alligator. Urchin. Ostrich. Tofu. Over time, though, most of us have come to enjoy such delicacies. If you think that your writing is misunderstood, then perhaps, in time, people will learn to savor it. This will happen, of course, long after you have died.

Coffee - There's black coffee, coffee with sugar, coffee with cream, and then the whole mathematical subset of frou-frou coffees. All of these possibilities will not exist, though, without 'coffee.' Coffee might be the plot of your story. Coffee might be the voice of your story. There's no need to spend all your time with the cream, sugar, honey, cinnamon, sprinkles, et cetera, if there's no strong and robust coffee in the center of things.

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