Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Smart Cookies

My Calli turned 5 on March 20. My husband got the idea that she might like one of the big cookie cakes from Great American Cookies. Boy did Calli ever love her cookie cake! I let her look at the site with me, and pick out her favorite design .


This brightly decorated butterfly cookie really delighted her!

While I'm on the subject of cookies, I would share a site that is very timely for this economy.
This site tells about a group of young ladies who formed a money club to make themselves accountable for their debt, share money-saving tips, etc. I first saw them on a talk show about a year ago. I love that they took something that could be so unpleasant and tedious and made it fun. One the my favorite things they told about is their "6 Dollar Girls' Night". These ladies nixed the typical dinner out and cocktails for a cheaper, yet fun alternative. Each girl contributes 6 dollars towards the cost of the evening. They meet at someone's house where they make pizza and have wine. Check out their site, maybe you'll be inspired to do a 6 Dollar Girls' or Guys' Night!


Dana Fredsti said...

I love the cookie (and that's what I made my boyfriend for HIS birthday this year...a giant cookie cake!) and the Smart Cookie story. What a great idea!!!

Gayle said...

I love the cookie, too. Last year, I made Nicholas a cookie cake and Lianna a regular cake for their birthday party. Guests were thrilled to have a little slice of each. Also, a friend had brought along his friend's 18-month-old. I'd never been able to break the ice with that little guy, but the cookie cake did the trick! :-)