Friday, March 27, 2009

Random disturbances

Okay. So I was wondering what to blog about today when I came across this post from Cake Wrecks called "Romance is Dead." If you want to see some of the nastiest wedding cakes ever, check this out. Shudder.

But, that's not the only thing I'm disturbed about. You women who have grown children (although Lisa's expertise in this area is also sought), how did you adequately feed these people?! Being chef to such demanding creatures as pre-teens (a mere month away from being teens) is a sometimes overwhelming chore. So overwhelming that last night the menu was "carryout from Pizza Hut." The day before, I'd made chicken and dumplings in the crockpot. "Yum!" my husband and I thought. "Eh," thought the children, who picked at their food. The day before that, I made pork chops and potatoes. "Yum!" my husband and I thought. "The potatoes are pretty good," was the children's verdict.

And school lunches...what is the answer there?

I was waiting for Lost to come on Wednesday night and was watching a new show called Better Off Ted. One of the characters was eating something and said, "This taste is familiar.... It tastes like...despair."

I said to my children, "That's what you think my cooking tastes like!"

So, please, if anyone has any teen-friendly recipes that won't taste like despair, share them.

One little aside, next week, I'll be interviewing Rachel Dillon on her WOW! Women-on-Writing Blog Tour. Rachel is the author of Through Endangered Eyes.


Gayle Carline said...

First of all, I feel a real connection to your post, as I am a "Gayle" also, with a former picky eater. I used to make a big deal out of it. Then one day I just decided to stop and let my son eat whatever he wanted, without comment from me. Fortunately, he liked veggies and pasta. Unfortunately, he hated meat or beans, so the protein factor was difficult.

Now that he's 16, he likes a lot more foods. I cook whatever I want (or hubby wants) and he either eats it or makes himself a peanut butter sandwich, without complaint.

One thing I always have good luck with: teriyaki sauce. I marinate either salmon or chicken in it, then broil it. I think Marcus would eat the couch if I marinated it in teriyaki sauce. Also, there's spaghetti - we may have it a little too often, but the boy loves his pasta.

Gayle Carline

Marian Allen said...

Oh, I feel your pain! At one time, I had three teenagers and a small child (and a husband). The child would only eat pasta and meat, and one of the teens was a vegetarian. My most memorable kitchen moment was when my husband informed the kids, "Everything doesn't have to taste good to eat it!" ...Thanks, honey....

I tried to have several filling and satisfying side dishes as well as meat. Nothing too fancy, nothing too spicy (sigh).

All the girls (except #3, who thinks boiling Ramen is cooking) are adventurous and wonderful cooks, and even #3 will eat just about anything.

My husband, on the other hand, is taking up the slack. But that's another story.

Gayle said...

Thank you, Gayle and Marian. I'll have to give the teriyaki sauce a try. And, otherwise, keep to the philosophy "this too shall pass"? Why don't husbands ever trouble themselves with these things?

Dana Fredsti said...

Oh dear...I'm the worst person to ask about this as I only have cats. I can tell you what felines of different ages and temperaments consider acceptable (anything on my plate), but not an actual human child. I wish you could luck with this!!!

Lisa Hall said...

I had the same problem tonight. I made a crescent chicken casserole,which my husband and I love. Calli did not feel the same. She ate the corn I'd fixed, but didn't like the casserole. I was about to become aggravated,because I was too tired to deal with her pickiness tonight. Then, I remembered that I had some plain, chopped, cooked chicken that I hadn't used in the casserole. She loved it so much that she has asked that I put it in her thermos for lunch tomorrow. If she's satisfied with boiled chicken and a vegetable side, I can do that every night!