Monday, March 2, 2009

Lack of Appetite

The last few weeks I've suffered from an odd malaise...exhaustion, depression and lack of appetite. Most annoyingly, I haven't lost any weight due to this unusual disinterest in food. Probably because I've been too tired to exercise, so the caloric intake versus caloric burning have canceled each other out.

Every night this past week when dinner time rolls around, Dave would ask me what I wanted for dinner. Nothing sounded good...except hot sourdough bread and butter. Not a lot of butter...just a hint of it on hot, crusty bread. Wine still sounded good. So dinner for several nights in a row consisted of a sourdough roll heated up in the oven -- foil wrapped -- and then smeared with butter. One night we added goat cheese brie. Just a little bit, mind you. I didn't want to spoil the purity of my bread and butter.

Tonight we had cornmeal crust pizza with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. I think my appetite is coming back. But if I had to bread and butter would win every time.


That was to indicate the passage of time. :-)

It is now Saturday afternoon and I'm working on my WIP, which is very food/wine heavy. We put Chocolat on and, as always happens when I watch this movie, I craved chocolate. So, inspired by the chili-infused hot chocolate served up by Viane, I just whipped up a batch of my own sinfully rich hot chocolate. An entire bar of Lindt chili-infused extra dark chocolate melted in the microwave with a half teaspoon of light Karo syrup. Add a cup of whipped cream and stir till well blended. Add hot milk and whisk till frothy. Add more whipped cream (because this is already so rich, a bit more fat won't matter) and enjoy!

Yes, my appetite has definitely made a reappearance. So in an hour, I'll take another 45 minute walk up some I can have more hot chocolate and fresh bread tomorrow.


Marian Allen said...

Oh, dear gosh, I just put on 20 pounds reading your post. I can't get through the door! I can't fit into my chair! The floorboards are breaking! What have you Done??!! NOOOOOOOOoooooo.....

Gayle said...

Sounds yummy, Dana. And, like Marian, I've put on 20 lbs. just THINKING about it! ;-)

Dana Fredsti said...

Well, here's the good news - the entire bar of chocolate only has 500 calories so split between two people, the chocolate portion was only 250 calories. The milk was non-fat (all we had in the house) and the whipped cream...probably another 50 calories per person. So have another cup! :-)