Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Killer Meal

One of my friends at church is a toxicology professor, so naturally he's my go-to guy for poison. Information on poison, I mean. Naturally. Goes without saying. Ahem.

Anyway, someone on one of my writing lists was asking if it were possible for someone to fatally overdose on marijuana, and my guy said no way. Then he volunteered that, for his money, the toxin of choice would be tetrodotoxin--a deadly neurotoxin found in puffer fish, otherwise known as fugu. I'm asking you, though, does this cute little guy look lethal?

According to the Wikipedia article, puffers in captivity aren't exposed to the bacteria that create the poison, so they aren't lethal--unless they're exposed to the bacteria. So, what if somebody were raising a puffer for some sashimi fugu and somebody either slipped some bacteria into the tank or substituted a contaminated fillet for the fillet the victim had carefully prepared?

But, really, how could you eat something that looked like this guy? Look at dat coot li'l face! Ooooo, iss so cooot! I tood dus eat it all up.... Uh, maybe not.



Gayle said...

Too funny, Marian! And, look, he's all puckered up to give you a kiss. How sweet!

Dana Fredsti said...

Marian, for my sister's birthday a few years back, a gourmet pal of ours threw her a party at a very good sushi restaurant...it was all fugu ALL the time...soup, sashimi...I don't remember all of it, but we ate it. If it's not prepared by a really good chef...bye bye!

There was definitely a tingling in the lips.