Saturday, March 28, 2009

Counting Blessings

Here I am,  late again.  Again, I blame it on taxes.  I’ve been going over the completed forms the CPA sent me.  Not as bad as I feared.  Whew!

I was amused to read Gayle’s entry about picky eaters.  This is not a problem we had in my family.  We’re all pretty much equal-opportunity eaters, in that any food that comes our way has an equal opportunity to be eaten.  My mother was a big gardener, freezer, and preserver, and most of the veggies we ate were home-grown.  I think everyone who shares my DNA especially loved her tomatoes.  We had to.  My father informed us that it was “un-Casey” not to love tomatoes, and heaven forfend that we be un-Casey.  

One of my dearest memories is of one of my nephews at the age of 4 (he’s now well into his 30s) visiting his grandma’s and  stuffing himself silly on sliced tomatoes.  Afterwards he sat back, sighed, and said, “I love them ‘maters.”  

I love them ‘maters, too.

I’ve been doing research on vegetable gardening for my next book.  It is set at the beginning of WWI, and Victory Gardens were a big thing.  In fact, the United States Food Administration, headed by Herbert Hoover, issued reams of regulations for the citizenry about food consumption.  Housewives were especially encouraged to conserve (red) meat, wheat, sugar, and fat.  I’m guessing that after two years of a low meat/wheat/sugar/fat diet, a lot of people enjoyed improved health.  I’m also sure that as soon as the rules were lifted, most of them rushed out and gorged on deep-fried beef doughnuts rolled in sugar.

Here’s the USFA guidelines for weekly meal preparation, taken from a 1918 flyer:


SUNDAY      One meal Wheatless; one meal Meatless

MONDAY     All meals Wheatless; one meal Meatless

TUESDAY     All meals Meatless; one meal Wheatless

WEDNESDAY   All meals Wheatless; one meal Meatless

THURSDAY     One meal Wheatless; one meal Meatless

FRIDAY     One meal Wheatless; one meal Meatless

SATURDAY     All meals Porkless; one meal Wheatless; one meal Meatless.

Makes you want to eat a big old ham sandwich, doesn’t it?

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Gayle said...

It does make you want to eat a big old ham sandwich, Donis, with a mater on it. ;-)