Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Reflections

I got my Valentine's Day gifts early . . . mainly because I was standing there with my husband when the box was delivered. I think it was also because he was so pleased with the gifts he couldn't wait to give them to me. The gifts are pictured at right: a Monk bobblehead and a Psych mug. Monk and Psych are two of my family's favorite TV shows; and I've been wanting these things for ages, which is what makes them so special to me.

This afternoon as I was waiting in the car riders' line for my children, I saw a group come out onto the playground. I was working on The Quick and The Thread; but when I heard the group come outside, I completely lost my focus on the novel. I scanned the group, and there he was. My son. It seemed my heart flipped right over. I'm so in love with my children, I thought. Until they went back inside, all I could do was watch them.

I sought vainly for my daughter (they're twins, so it's conceivable she'd be outside at the same time), but I couldn't see her. When she got into the car, she told me that she had, in fact, been outside but had gone straight to the swings.

"You were parked behind that building, which is why you couldn't see me," she said.

I've spoiled these little people so much this week. I've put candy in their lunch boxes and small surprises on their beds. But, they're growing up on me (they'll be 13 in two months); so I figure I should spoil while I can.

As for the monthly poll, won't you take this opportunity to tell us about your favorite Valentine's Day gifts and memories?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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