Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Seriously Good Hospital Food

I could go into labor at any minute! My doctor says it could be days or weeks. There are so many things that are exciting about this upcoming event. The greatest, of course, will be my little bundle of sugar and spice!
One much less important thing is that the food at the hospital where I will be giving birth is really good! Johnson City Specialty Hospital is a small private hospital. When I had Calli, I found it to be much more comfortable than the average hospital. One of these great comforts is the food.
A couple of friends who had their children there had told me about the food. I quickly discovered what they were raving about. My first food after having Calli was a sandwich. During my normal lunchtime, I was in the midst of labor. By the time she was born, at 1:15 in the afternoon, I was famished and thirsty. The nurse announced that she would have the cafeterial send up a sandwich and drink. I expected two slices of bread with a piece of meat and possibly a slice of cheese between them. Instead, I got a fat sub sandwich, stuffed with meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato.
A few hours later, I was brought a plate of hot fried chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. For breakfast the next morning, I had pancakes, sausauge and fruit. My plate was even garnished with an artfully cut orange.
Between the food and the around-the-clock nurses, Johnson City Specialty may not be able to get rid of me until my insurance company sends an armed guard to carry me out!
Oh, my goodness, what was that? Ladies, I think my water just broke!!
Just kidding!


Gayle said...

Hi, Lisa:

I was just thinking about you the other day and musing that you must be getting close to your due date. I was thinking about the Virginia Festival of the Book and whether or not you and/or Tammy would be attending when it struck me that--duh--you wouldn't! Please keep us posted (or have Tammy or your hubby keep us posted) with pics! One other story: when I was in the hospital with Nicholas and Lianna, Lianna was jaundiced and couldn't go home right away. My doctor said he didn't like to send moms home without their babies and for me to drink my coffee that morning. Not long after I drank my coffee, a nurse came in and took my temperature. I couldn't go home yet because I had a temperature! Best.Doctor.Ever. ;-)

Lisa Hall said...

What a great doctor! Calli was jaundiced, but got to come home. We had her on a "bili blanket." She was plugged into the wall almost her whole first week. We called her "our little glow-worm".

Gayle said...

Lianna had one of those, too! We called it her tanning bed. LOL!