Monday, February 16, 2009

Late, as per usual!

Dang me, I have been having the hardest time remembering to do things the last few weeks. Book deadlines and work stress play a large part in that. Last night was my deadline for my non-fiction project and I'm happy to say I met it...but forgot to do things like eat during the day. How can I write about food when I forget to eat? By the time I realized it'd been about eight hours since my last meal or snack, my blood sugar had hit the floor and I had reached a semi-psychotic state where I knew I needed food, realized I was two short steps away from homicide (or catracide - my little angels were bouncing off the walls and enacting thundering kitty rampages involving a direct path over my lap and computer), and yet couldn't bring myself to do anything about it.

Finally a brief fight with Dave convinced us both food was a necessity, so I whipped up a batch of pasta made with ground turkey, marinara sauce tarted up with more oregano and basil, parmesan cheese and brown rice fusilli. It was delicious and the opposite of fatal food - it may well have saved a life or two!

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