Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flip for Pancakes!

International House of Pancakes did a really cool thing yesterday. They offered free shortstacks in an effort to raise money for Children's Miracle Network, which helps children's hospitals. The link tells just how succesful this fundraiser had been:

What is it about pancakes that make them so great for fundraisers? Around here, school groups and churches are always having pancake breakfasts and suppers to raise money. In fact my church is having a pancake supper tonight.
If you are part of a organization that wants to plan a pancake fundraiser, or just want to flip up some fun at your house, here is a website with some ideas and recipes:
Suddenly, I am so hungry for a stack of pancakes!

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Dana Fredsti said...

I love pancakes. My mom used to make us apple pancakes with apple slices in the actual pancake, then buttered and dusted with sugar and cinnamon.