Friday, February 27, 2009

Food Movies

Last week I rented the movie Bottle Shock from my local Hollywood Videos, mainly because I’d watch anything Alan Rickman is in.  I liked it very much.  It relates the true tale of the 1978 wine tasting showdown between wines grown in California and wines grown in France.  A California wine won the blind tasting and the French wine industry was never the same again.

Bottle Shock put me in mind of another great wine movie, Sideways.  My husband owns a copy of Sideways and watches it every few months. What Virginia Madsen’s character says to Paul Giamatti’s character about wine, as they sit in the dark on the porch, will make even a teetotaler feel kindly and sentimental about the romance of the grape.

Which puts me in mind of several of my favorite food movies. Tortilla Soup inspires me to eat Mexican for a week, just as The Big Night puts me on an Italian kick.  What about Chocolat?  If you know someone who doubts that chocolate has magical properties, make her watch this movie.

There are so many wonderful food movies I could name off the top of my head, but rather than reel off a list, let me ask what you Dear Readers think is the greatest food movie ever made?

I have a nomination, and that is :

Babette’s Feast

Allow me to tell you why.  The meal - the feast - that Babette prepares for the sweet, uptight, Danish ladies who gave her a home for 15 years, is an act of perfect love, and literally changes their whole view of life.  

Food prepared with loving hands can do that to you.


Gayle said...

I haven't seen Sideways, yet; but I've been wanting to for ages. I really enjoyed Waitress with Keri Russell. Have you seen that one?

Donis Casey said...

I have not, but I shall look for it. Thanks

Dana Fredsti said...

I am currently watching CHOCOLAT, which is my favorite food movie (and helps get me in the mood for my WIP) I also love SIDEWAYS...and now I really need to see BOTTLE SHOCK!

Dana Fredsti said...

Oh, btw., if you are tempted to rent MISTRESS OF SPICES... I'd advise against it unless you want a movie that makes a marvelous drinking game...

Marian Allen said...

I am SO with you on Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp--I mean CHOCOLAT. I also loved Babette's Feast and Tortilla Soup. If we can stretch things a little, FIGHT CLUB is also--marginally--about food. At least, ever since I saw it, every time I walk into a restaurant I think, "Clean food, please."