Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner and Deception!

On our first Valentine’s Day, my husband and I had only been dating a few weeks. We were not yet a serious couple, but both knew things could be headed that way. To impress me, Todd offered to make us dinner at his house.
I showed up at his front door that evening, gift in hand. I wasn’t sure what to get someone for Valentine’s Day that wasn’t quite a boyfriend yet, so I went for a nice candle in a clean manly scent and a funny, rather than romantic, card. His house was filled with the savory aroma of a rich chicken and pasta dish and warm crusty bread.
There’s just something about a man who cooks! I fell deeply in like as I watched him carefully stir the big pot simmering on his stove, take the bread from the oven, and artfully serve salad. After dinner, a cute teddy bear with a bow that matched the predominant color in my apartment’s decorating scheme and a sweet card topped off the evening.
As the weeks and months passed, we fell in love, and became utterly comfortable and secure with each other. We discovered each other’s quirks and previously unknown truths. Take for instance that romantic dinner that Todd “cooked” on our first Valentine’s Day. Pretty soon, I realized that Todd didn’t know much at all about cooking. One evening, I was craving the main dish we’d had that night. When I requested that Todd recreate that meal, the real story came out! His brother’s fiancée (now my sister-in-law) had cooked the meal earlier. The whole thing about him preparing the dish was staged!
In reality, he only reheated what Becky had fixed. Still, I’m touched by the lengths he went to trying to pull this Cupid Day Caper!


Marian Allen said...

Apologies for not having posted this week--we lost power LAST Tuesday in the night, and haven't got it back yet. Hot water and propane cooktop at Mom's, wood heating at my house next door. Eat one place and sleep in the other, don't shower often.... I'm at the library now, courtesy of my daredevil #1 daughter, who braved 1000 feet of solid ice to break me out for a couple of hours.

Lisa Hall said...

I hope you have power restored soon, along with all the comforts that go with it!

Dana Fredsti said...

What a great story... and kudos to your husband for pulling off the deception and giving you such a great first Valentine's day!

jamshad hashmi said...

I need to to thank you for this very good read!! I absolutely loved every little bit of it.

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