Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cooking with Gas

I'm back from my exile in the land of ice and snow (i.e. my house).

I've been blogging about doing ten days without power due to our recent ice storm, but I saved the cooking bits for here.

There are three houses of us back here off our 1000-foot driveway: Charlie and me, Mom, and Charlie and my (yes, that's all grammatically correct--sorry it sounds weird, but it's right) #1 daughter and her husband and their 8-year-old son. Daughter has all electric, we have all electric but heat with a MASSIVE wood furnace in the basement, Mom has propane. Sadly, her house heater, though propane, didn't work without the electric blower. So Mom had a cooktop (couldn't light the oven without the electric spark because the gas inlet is safely and inaccessibly tucked away) and hot water but NO HEAT. We had heat but no cooking facilities. Daughter and family had nothing but food likely to spoil.

So we took our refrigerator food to Mom's, where it was like a BIG walk-in refrigerator, cooked and ate and washed dishes in hot water. The frozen food, we just put outside--no problem.

Mom made fudge, which did not have to be refrigerated, and I took this picture of the double boiler, because I spilled a blob of water in the center of the gas unit, and watching that blob of water dance in the middle of the flame almost made up for missing TWO EPISODES OF LOST.

After six days, Charlie and I realized we could heat water on top of the wood furnace, and I realized I could cook in my stove-top smoker. We made baked potatoes and I experimented with making a biscuit oven. The potatoes were the best we ever ate, but the biscuits were not a success. Putting them directly on the furnace burned them, and putting them any degree away from the furnace didn't make them hot enough to fluff up and bake properly. Oh, well, we tried!

And here is a romantic candlelight dinner, Chez Nous (our house). Daughter made a sliding run out the drive to get hot greasy pizza and peach soda--a feast!

Everything's back to normal now--or as normal as things get around here.

It was so sad to hear and see all the trees breaking and falling, and so sad to see an 8-year-old snowbird who couldn't play in the snow because...trees were breaking and falling.

Here's wishing you all warm houses and hot food and cold refrigerators!


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Dana Fredsti said...

I will never complain about the weather in SF again. Unless global warming brings us snow and below freezing temps.

You and your family are the epitomy of ingeniousness!