Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are you a Frugalicious Foodie?

I'm live, interviewing Christina Davidson. She has a new site called Feed the Masses. She calls herself a Frugalicious Foodie: Someone who loves good food but doesn't think you have to break the bank to have it.

MA: What is the purpose of Feed the Masses?

CD: Good question. Part of it is practical because I have a lot of parties, and people are always asking for recipes and how we do things, because economic times are tough and we manage to do--I cook for probably 20 extra people a week, having people to dinner--and I do it so cheaply.

MA: How cheaply is "cheaply"?

CD: We can have a dinner party for 10 people for what it would probably cost the two of us to go out to dinner.

MA: What's your other main purpose in having the site?

CD: So many of our friends and other people are intimidated by the thought of cooking. They have an idea of Martha Stewart and Mario Batali and those kinds of anal, uptight, elitist types and it's intimidating for someone to expect that if they want to cook they have to do it like that. What we're trying to do is strip away the mystique and show that cooking is more a creative art, not an exact science. You don't need a recipe book. You don't need a bunch of expensive ingredients. You can just use what's in your pantry or what's on sale at the store and create really interesting and delicious meals.

MA: You don't need a recipe book?

CD: Right. That's why, if you follow the blog, we won't do much in the way of really precise recipes. I don't own a cookbook. If we bake bread or do something that requires precision, I google it on the net and then we tweak it.

MA: At the time of this posting, you only have one entry at the site. There will be more soon, yes?

CD: I have 10,000 words ready to upload.

MA: Wow! I look forward to reading. You cook like I cook, only you don't use a net. Thank you.

CD: Thank you.

I'm telling you, go to this site! The first one, the Frugalicious Foodie Manifesto, is worth saving and looking at if you ever feel insecure over your pinch-of-this-and-a-dab-of-that meals. I know from reading the posts here that we all tend toward the Frugalicious Foodie, but I didn't have a name for us before!

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Gayle said...

Hi, Christina:

Thank you (and you, Marian) for sharing your terrific insights. I've added Feed the Masses to our list of Fatal Foodie Faves so we and our readers can keep updated on your tips. Great post, btw! I love the idea that I can trust my own instincts and not have to rush out and buy ingredients I've never heard of simply because a recipe calls for it.