Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pink Cupcakes Drive a Man Wild!

Last week, I posted about using my new butane torch on creme brulee. I thought that my husband would be turned on beyond belief as I stood before him, flaming device in hand, and melted sugar. After all, aren't men supposed to like it when women use power tools? Perhaps the fact that I am eight months pregnant, was wearing pajamas, and had my hair pulled up into a knot on my head made the scene a bit less enticing.

Well, this past Saturday, I did something in the kitchen that really had my husband wild with desire! Turns out it was something sweet, not hot, that really sent him into orbit. On a recent trip to Mary's Kitchen Shop, which is one of my favorte local stores, I bought a box of Dean Jacob's White Chocolate Cupcake and Raspberry Frosting Mix. With the addition of butter, oil, and water, I had a dozen perfect pink cupcakes.

They were sooooo good! The cupcakes were ready to eat on Saturday night and gone by Monday night. More than half were eaten by my husband,Todd. These were the kind of treat that had him eating cupcakes for breakfast, right before bed, and talking aobut them in between.

I don't know what they put in these cupcakes, but I too have thought about them obsessively since Todd ate the last one. Just posting about them makes me crave one. I must make another trip to Mary's Kitchen Shop for some more of this mix!


Dana Fredsti said...

The images conjured by the title of your post...Oh dear! :-)

Gayle said...

Lisa, how do you find these places I've never heard of until you tell me about them? I've got to check this place out!!! :-p